Circus Skills Workshop


Bubbles the Clown and Jake the Juggler and Jacko the Jester
take you on an adventure to the

Bee-Line Circus

We offer different packages to cater for any event.
Take a look below of some of the equipment we teach.
Spinning Plates, Juggling scarfs, Juggling balls, Juggling Rings,
Juggling Clubs, Juggling Bean bags, Cigar Boxes, Unicycles, Rola bola,
Walking globe, Stilt walking, Tight rope walking, Poi poi, Devil sticks,
Diabalo's, The staff, Pedal go go, Fun wheels, Chinese ribbons,
Powerisers, Rolabola, Dura stilts
And Just arrived The Giraffe Unicycle

How can Bee-Line circus skills workshops benefit your pupils:
• Motivates children
• Develops skills through structured activities
• Builds confidence and inspires creativity
• Improves cardiovascular fitness, co-ordination and motor skills
• Provides fun, inclusive activities which every child can enjoy

Supporting the physical education curriculum:
• Acquiring, developing and applying skills
• Evaluating and improving performance
• Playing and working co-operatively

Teachers can use Circus skills workshops to link to other subjects in addition to PE:
-science (gravity),
-mathematics (patterns and logical thinking),
-music (exploring and expressing ideas and feelings about music using movement)
-PSHE (developing confidence and responsibility and making the most of their abilities).
-Bee-Line circus workshops will help schools to achieve their Every Child Matters outcomes.

Learning for life:
• Pupils work individually and in groups, setting goals and supporting others
• Teamwork promotes good behaviour and supports anti-bullying strategies
• Every child will discover a skill at which they can succeed

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we cover a huge area with our Circus Skills Workshops, including Colchester, Ipswich, Essex, Suffolk, Braintee, Harlow, Romford, London, Enfield, kent, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Cambridge, Norfolk, Sudbury.

Circus Skills Workshops